HEY THERE and welcome to Peaches And Pines Studio – the place where you can find everything to plan your life peachy!

My name is Fabienne and I'm the owner!
Peaches and Pines Studio exists because I, Fabienne, understand one thing very clearly. And that is that you want to be organized and check off that to do list – and you want to do that with a little bit of fun and creativity added to it!

It all started in October 2018, when I was still enrolled in my Bachelors Program. Studying took up such a huge part of my day, that I needed a creative outlet for myself. Since I always loved to watch ‘Plan With Me’ videos on youtube, I started making my own videos. Back then my channel was named ‘Fabienne Designs’ and I quickly realized, that drawing everything by hand was nice, but not really my kind of style. So I got myself an iPad and started designing stickers, which I was then using in my planning videos. And that’s where it really started. I’ve always loved stickers and everything just fell into place. Getting that iPad was also the starting point of my chalk prints – I love chalk art and I have so much fun creating new, fun recipes.

Fast forward to today – what had started as a creative hobby is now my full time job. All Stickers and Prints you’ll find here at Peaches And Pines Studio are all driven by the desire to make planning, organizing and home making fun by adding your own touch to things! Whether it’s by sprucing up your planner with a cute weekly kit or standing in your kitchen doing your dishes, while a cute wall art print brightens up your space.
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